Chrysocolla Bracelet (Free Form)
Chrysocolla Bracelet (Free Form)
Chrysocolla Bracelet (Free Form)
Chrysocolla Bracelet (Free Form)

Chrysocolla Bracelet (Free Form)

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Creativity, Rejuvenation, Heart Expression 

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Solar Plexus

Birthstone: Taurus


Hardness: 2 - 4

Composition: Copper phyllosilicate

Formula: (Cu,Al)2H2Si2O5(OH)4•nH2O)

Origin: Chille, Russia, USA

Colour: Green, Blue

Oils/Herbs: Clover, Lemon

Chrysocolla is a stone ranging from deep blue to light green, it is often found near Malachite and Azurite deposits. It is widely used as a gemstone in jewellery, and has been used in carvings and ornaments by ancient cultures around the globe.

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Chrysocolla is used to relieve stress and anxiety, it aids with calming, and is known to help with stress-related illness, it also supports the adrenals and thyroid. This Stone links with Earth's awareness to facilitate the expression of ones inner wisdom.

Chrysocolla is a stone of empowerment of the feminine energies in both woman and men, it is a stone of the Goddess and those who resonate with it can feel her ancient and enduring energies rise within them. It stimulates the throat chakra for clear communication of one's inner wisdom and it can help to reveal what that wisdom really is. 

Chrysocolla is associated with tranquillity, peace, intuition, patience and unconditional love, it is known as a healing stone that can strengthen the body’s resistance to illness and emotional distress. The stone has the ability to bring calmness and harmony and guide one towards discretion, it encourages clarity of thought and calm attitude during turbulent times by purifying one’s mind and surroundings.

Chrysocolla is known to help dispel the more violent impulses encouraging more sensitivity and tolerance toward others.

This Gem is sometimes called the “wise stone” because it has the ability to shield and encourage the mind during negotiations.

The wearing of Chrysocolla is thought to facilitate an ability to arrive at nuanced compromises and resolutions.

Harmonizes/Combines with Larimar, Aquamarine, Ajoite, Malachite, Azurite


Chrysocolla has been used by many ancient civilisations, due to the stone's wide availability and vivid colours it has been prised by cultures around the world.

The name Chrysocolla was first used to describe the stone by a Greek philosopher and botanist Theophrastus in 315 B.C 

The word was derived from the Greek words “chrysos” meaning gold and “kola” meaning glue due to the fact that this mineral was used by ancient goldsmiths as a main ingredient for solder to weld gold pieces together.

The Stone has been known to inspire artisans and artists alike from ancient goldsmiths through to renaissance painters who crushed this mineral into pigment for paint.

To this day this Gemstone is adored and highly sought out by jewellery designers around the globe.


Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.