Fuchsite Tumblestone Pendant
Fuchsite Tumblestone Pendant
Fuchsite Tumblestone Pendant
Fuchsite Tumblestone Pendant

Fuchsite Tumblestone Pendant

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Divination, Awareness, Balance

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye

Birthstone: Libra

Hardness: 2.5 - 3

Composition: Silicate Mineral

Formula: K(Al,Cr)2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2

Colour: Green, Dark Green

Fuchsite is a dark variety of muscovite, it is sometimes referred to as “Chrome Mica”.

It has a wonderful dark green colour with beautiful sparkly shine.

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Fuchsite infuses the Heart Chakra with love and healing energies, it brings one positive thoughts and creativity.

The crystal connects the intellect of the mind with the intelligence of ones heart.

Fuchsite is considered to be a stone of regeneration it helps one in recovery from physical and psychological trauma. It can help to fill ones mind and spirit with the sense of peace, serenity and hope. 

Fuchsite is often used as a protection talisman, protecting loved ones and possessions as well as personal security. 

The stone provides reflective qualities so that one can recognise the flaws of humanity while remaining in a heart space to continue to love all of humanity with its imperfections. Fuchsite can assist one in self-reflecting it helps one to understand and eliminate traits that no longer serve ones highest purpose.

It can help one in letting go of old emotions and experiences, thus allowing one to move forwards without old negative attachments.

When combined with other crystals Fuchsite can intensify their energy, making it an ideal crystal used fused in healing.

Fuchsite can stabilise spinal alignment and increase flexibility of muscles, it is also said it can help in balancing white and red blood cells.

Harmonizes/Combines with 

Aventurine, Moss Agate, Pyrite, It has the ability to amplify other crystals.


Fuchsite is a form of chrome mica and it was discovered by German chemist and mineralogist, Johann Nepomuk Von Fuchs. This mineral is found in Brazil, Russia, Zimbabwe, and India.

The mineral has been used by Shamans and ancient healers it was known to them as the “Healer Stone” it was traditionally used to find the root cause of disease and to connect with earth elements and spirits.

It was widely believed that Fuchsite’s green colour radiated energy, helping ones spiritual and mental wellbeing. It was also believed that its green glow allows one to access their universal mind.

Herbalists and Shamans alike used this stone to summon elemental beings and nature spirits to aid them in protecting their gardens from negative energy and ensuring that their gardens are healthy and abundant.

These beings and spirits were believed to come from the devic kingdom and live in woods and gardens caring and protecting vegetation.

Fuchsite was thought to allow one to gain access to these spirits and allow one to access their knowledge and wisdom, helping the Shamans and Healers to practice their chosen paths successfully.


Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.