Jasper, Picasso Donut Pendant 50mm
Jasper, Picasso Donut Pendant 50mm
Jasper, Picasso Donut Pendant 50mm
Jasper, Picasso Donut Pendant 50mm

Jasper, Picasso Donut Pendant 50mm

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Creativity, Manifestation, Self mastery, Self potential.

Chakras: Solar plexus. Sacral (Third Eye and Crown)

Birthstone: Taurus and Virgo (Sagittarius and Leo)

Hardness: 6.5 - 7

Composition: Silicon dioxide

Formula: SiO2

Colour: Grey or black with streaks of grey, black and red. Red can be mixed with pink and white.

Other Descriptions: Picasso Jasper, also sometimes called Picasso stone, is actually a metamorphic limestone and not a Jasper at all. The beautiful layers and colours of Picasso Jasper results from heat and pressure within the Earth. The lined patterns in this stone are formed by iron oxides. The Picasso Jasper is a type of Red/Brecciated Jasper. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

This stone unites courage and strength with love and gentleness. It helps us to feel safe and secure enough in our physical selves that we feel empowered to more fully explore our spiritual selves.  Picasso Jasper helps us to evolve in our spiritual and earthly lives and awaken to our full potential.  It awakens in us the importance of thinking for ourselves. It reminds us that we are responsible for our own choices, and the results that follow.  Picasso Jasper can be used to activate Kundalini energy, which in turn can spark powerful spiritual experiences.  It awakens our creativity. Picasso Jasper helps us to find a good balance between taking care of ourselves and helping others others.  It inspires courage and authenticity in all areas of life. It encourages authenticity with ourselves and hence with others.  It helps us speak and act honestly.


The colours and random patterns on this stone are evocative of Pablo Picasso’s rose period (1904-1906), a time of joy and romance in the artist’s youth.

Disclaimer: Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.