Jasper, Zebra Tumblestone Pendant
Jasper, Zebra Tumblestone Pendant
Jasper, Zebra Tumblestone Pendant
Jasper, Zebra Tumblestone Pendant

Jasper, Zebra Tumblestone Pendant

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Equality, Balance, Grounding, Energising

Chakras: Base, Sacral

Birthstone: Libra, Virgo

Hardness: 6.5 - 7

Composition: Silicate, chalcedony, quartz group

Formula: SiO2

Colour: Deep green/black; white banding



Other Descriptions: Zebra Jasper is also known by other names like Zebra Stone, Zebra Marble, Zebra Agate, and Zebra Rock. It was first discovered in Kunnanurra, in Western Australia.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

The contrasting black and white stripes of this stone symbolise balance of the male and female energies. It also reminds us, that often in life we are faced with stark polarities, right and wrong, ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and we feel we need to choose between these opponents. Zebra Jasper reminds one that as a whole there is beauty and balance is maintained. Using this stone in our meditation allows us to see beyond duality and to integrate the One Reality. Manmade dramas are merely illusions ,which if we get involved and pulled into their dichotomies, we will find ourselves swinging back and forth from ideologies and theories to the next best  fad or belief that comes along. True reality is unchanging; it is the only constant. If you are finding yourself in a place where you believe you need to choose between one way or another, take a moment to find your centre, let go of the need to choose and allow the path to choose you. Use Zebra Jasper to restore your balance and to inspire you to be motivated by service rather than by the need to prove yourself right in order to gain popularity or approval from others. Truth does not seek approval; Truth is established. Zebra Jasper reminds us of the importance of balance and keeps us grounded and humbled in the knowledge that we have much to learn.

Harmonizes /Combines with:

Rainbow Jasper, Leopard Skin Jasper, Red Jasper, Mookaite Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Yellow Jasper, or Polychrome Jasper.


Like other jaspers, Zebra Jasper is found all over the world and has been used since antiquity. But, unlike much jasper which is spotted, this variety of jasper marble is striped.

Disclaimer: Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.