Jet Tumblestone Pendant
Jet Tumblestone Pendant
Jet Tumblestone Pendant
Jet Tumblestone Pendant

Jet Tumblestone Pendant

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Earthing, Protective, Stabilising

Chakra: Earth Star, Base, Sacral

Birthstone: Capricorn

Hardness: 2.5 - 4

Composition: Mineraloid

Origin: Europe, North America

Colour: Black to brown

Jet is a type of lignite the lowest rank of coal, unlike many gemstones Jet is not a mineral.

Jet is a mineraloid derived from wood that has changed due to being subjected to extreme pressure.

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Jet is abundant with Mother Earths energy and is very useful for ones in need of assistance with grounding. The stone roots one down to earth at the same time dispelling any unwanted energy.

This gemstone is considered to be a powerful neutralizer of negative energies, it can cleanse ones surroundings from disharmonious vibrations.

For centuries the stone has been thought to bring luck to anyone carrying it with them, making this stone a well known gift.

Jet is known to aid one to be alert to changes and come up with complex solutions to issues quickly and efficiently.

It is believed that the stone has the power over all demonic spirits thus preventing one from demonic possession. The stone can offer psychic protection in astral travel and spiritual mediumship. Jet is usually worn as an amulet for the purification of one’s aura and protection against negative influences and psychic attacks.

Working with Jet can help one with uncovering negative experiences one may still carry deep in their subconscious and allows one to understand and dispel those energies.

The stone is also useful in clearing crystals and jewellery, it is said that leaving them together in a bowl for a short while purifies and cleanses them.

Harmonizes/Combines with 

Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Tektite, Amber, Moldavite


Jet has been known to humans for thousands of years the first known example has been found in Germany and is believed to have been used around 10 000 BC.

It has been used in jewellery, ornaments and burial gifts since prehistoric times.

In the Roman period, Jet was used as a magical material frequently used in amulets and pendants because of its protective abilities to deflect the gaze of the evil eye.

It was suggested by Pilny the Elder, Roman Historian, Naturalist and Philosopher that Jet can drive off snakes and relieves the suffocation of the uterus and its fumes can detect attempts to stimulate disabling illness.

Jet has also been mentioned by other ancient writers including Solinus and Galen.

Jet as a gemstone became fashionable around the 1850 during the reign of Queen Victoria, she wore a Jet necklace as part of her mourning dress for Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg and later for Prince Albert.


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