Marco Polo's Treasures Incense - Palo Santo 20g

Marco Polo's Treasures Incense - Palo Santo 20g

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In 1988, Fiore d’Oriente was founded in partnership with a group of families in India to produce the best incense and provide customers with a pure and all-natural product. By now, this incense even has an Ecocert certification.

The incense sticks are completely hand-made. They bring peace and serenity, they are made in a peaceful and calm environment.

Palo Santo (Burserea graveolens):

Origin: Ecuador. 
Uses: This tree has been used since ancient times, including by the Incas, as a remedy for spiritual purification and to clear spaces of negative energy. It repels mosquitoes and flies. It is an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. It harmonises body, mind and spirit and helps restore inner balance. For this reason it is called 'The scent of the soul'.

10 sticks per pack

Burning time 60 - 80 minutes