Obsidian, Mahogany Tumblestone Pendant
Obsidian, Mahogany Tumblestone Pendant
Obsidian, Mahogany Tumblestone Pendant
Obsidian, Mahogany Tumblestone Pendant

Obsidian, Mahogany Tumblestone Pendant

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Strengthening, Protection, Journeying, Past-life-work

Chakra: Earth Star, Base, Sacral

Birthstone: Sagittarius

Hardness: 5 -5.5

Composition: Volcanic glass

Formula: KAl2 (Al, Si3, OH) 4

Colour: Brown, Red, Black

Oils/Herbs: Sage, Sandalwood

Mahogany obsidian is natural glass obsidian containing Irion inclusions creating the mahogany coloured swirls and stripes. It is also sometimes referred to as mountain mahogany.

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Mahogany Obsidian has the ability to cleanse the second chakra of negative energies and residues left from old wounds.These issues can block the flow of creative energies leading to problems with expressing ones sexuality.

It can assist one in expressing themselves and their true desires with ease.

The stone is helpful in dispelling feelings of unworthiness, holding ones back from achieving ones full potential in work, love and spiritual awakening.

Mahogany obsidian is known as a protective stone, shielding one from psychic attacks by spirit entities and other people.

The stone used in body lay outs has the ability to help one in healing old memories of shame, humiliation and abuse, releasing them into the light.

Mahogany Obsidian activates the lower three Chakras stimulating sexuality, spiritual growth, passion and creativity.

It is a powerful grounding stone, helping one in bringing ideas and thoughts into actions allowing one for personal growth needed for the development of one’s life path.

The stone used in meditation is a powerful tool in helping one to release negative energies and stimulate growth on emotional and spiritual level.

Mahogany obsidian clears one aura and provides protection from incoming negative vibrations   sparing one future distress and discomfort.

Harmonizes/Combines with Moldavite, Black Tourmaline


Obsidians have been known to humans since the dawn of human kind, it was used to make tools, mirrors and decorative objects. Scientists found evidence of Obsidian tools used by the Neolithic humans from around 10000-3500 B.C

Legends say that the name Obsidian comes from an Ancient Roman Explorer Obsius.Obsius had travelled through Egypt and Sudan when he arrived in Ethiopia, he set out alone to explore the Mountains of the Moon in the Amhara region, there he found a woman living alone on a mountain side her name was Xenia. He was close to exhaustion and the woman fed and clothed him. When Obsius had decided to return home on the morning of his departure Xenia handed Obsius a black sphere pointing out the mist trapped in the stone, she indicated it was her tear that seeped from her eye. Back in Rome the black stone was the talk of the town people called it Lapis Obsidianus, Obsius had it sat on his desk he told no one of the tear trapped in the stone, he called the stone Xenia.

The stone has also been known to ancient civilisations as “ the wizard stone” because it has been used since ancient times in many magical practices.

Polished Obsidian mirrors were used for scrying and Nostradamus is reputed to have used a Black Obsidian sphere for scrying.


Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.