Quartz, Clear Mala Bracelet with Ohm 8mm
Quartz, Clear Mala Bracelet with Ohm 8mm
Quartz, Clear Mala Bracelet with Ohm 8mm
Quartz, Clear Mala Bracelet with Ohm 8mm

Quartz, Clear Mala Bracelet with Ohm 8mm

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Cleansing, Healing, Amplification

Chakra: All (esp. Crown)

Birthstone: Leo

Hardness: 7 -8

Composition:Silicon dioxide

Formula: SiO2

Colour: Clear White

Oils/Herbs: Frankincense, Orange, Rosemary

The appearance of Clear Quartz is close to ice that it's possible its name comes from the Greek, krustallos (meaning ice); it was believed to be formed by the Gods since it never melted. 

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Clear quartz embodies the white ray and resonates a White Spiritual Light, connecting you to your Divine mind and allowing the user to gain more clarity. In meditation it clears the mind of distractions, aids concentration and unblocks. 

It's ability to store energy (and information) is one of its defining features; it acts like a vast library (or record keeper) whilst also functioning as a regulator of such energies as it has to release. There are many forms of Clear Quartz, each with its own particular quality, but they form the very foundation of the crystal world and have the almost chameleon like ability to adapt themselves to any intention since they can be so easily programmed by the user. This makes Clear Quartz, the most versatile of all stones.

Harmonizes/Combines with All other crystals


Clear Quartz is another stone that possesses an ancient history with humanity being used by the Sumerians who cut and engraved Quartz cylinder seals which were used later as ring seals. Clear Quartz had a role to play in the advent of writing for the Sumerians used it as a canvass on which to write - presumably only the most valuable documents required the use of so highly a valued medium. It was also used as a stamp to make an impression on (the ubiquitous) clay tablets. 

Egyptians also made use of Clear Quartz, fashioning beads, scarabs and other jewellery items out of it.


Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.


The Ohm symbol is a sacred syllable and symbol written in sanskrit, and is a mantra in Hinduism. Each visual element represents different states of consciousness:

  • Unconscious State: The top curl of the ‘3’ shape denotes deep sleep, where we subconsciously desire nothing and do not dream
  • Waking State: Represented by the large curve at the base of the ‘3’ shape, this state signifies conscious experience through the five senses
  • Dreaming State: The middle curve that juts out between the Waking and Unconscious states, where all dreams are experienced
  • Maya State: The semi circle at the top represents illusion, an obstacle to spiritual development and the highest state of consciousness
  • Absolute State: Represented by the dot at the top, the highest realm of consciousness looks neither outward or inward - the ultimate state of spiritual bliss.