Quartz, Lemon Tumblestone Pendant
Quartz, Lemon Tumblestone Pendant
Quartz, Lemon Tumblestone Pendant
Quartz, Lemon Tumblestone Pendant

Quartz, Lemon Tumblestone Pendant

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Focus, Memory, Clarity

Chakra: Third eye and Crown


Hardness: 7

Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Formula: SiO2 

Colour: Bright yellow to pale green; translucent

Oils/Herbs: Lemon

Also known as Oro Verde Quartz, lemon quartz is created by heating amethyst, yellow quartz and iron together at extremely high temperatures. This heating process is what gives lemon quartz its brilliant, yellow colour. The radiant beauty of lemon quartz is truly dazzling, particularly when light catches the facets. Although it is rare, lemon quartz has been found to display cat’s eye chatoyancy and asterism.

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

Quartz is said to help structure, focus and amplify thoughts and information. It is used as an energy transmitter and amplifier. The colour yellow is associated with clarity, communication and happiness, hence lemon quartz is believed to help balance and strengthen these aspects.

Used in meditation, lemon quartz assists in filtering out distractions, aids concentration and improves memory. It is also believed to reduce anxiety, bring in money or assistance in times of need, and decrease negativity.

For those who use crystals for healing, lemon quartz eases food and nicotine cravings, helps with diabetes and encourages healthy recovery after illness or surgery.

Harmonizes/Combines with 

History The process of creating Lemon Quartz is relatively new; hence there are no historical texts documenting its use in the past.


Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.