Quartz, Rose Tree of Life Pendant
Quartz, Rose Tree of Life Pendant
Quartz, Rose Tree of Life Pendant
Quartz, Rose Tree of Life Pendant

Quartz, Rose Tree of Life Pendant

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Love, Gentleness, Healing

Chakra: All (esp. Heart)

Birthstone: Taurus

Hardness: 7

Composition: Silicon dioxide

Formula: SiO2 

Colour: Pink

Oils/Herbs: Geranium, Ylang Tlang

Rose Quartz belongs to the Quartz family and has a hexagonal crystal system. Pink in colour its translucent character is due to microscopic fibrous inclusions of a pink borosilicate mineral related to dumortierite.

Metaphysical & Healing Properties

This is one of the great Healers and it's watchword is Love, for self, for others, for community and the unconditional love of the Divine.

Meditating with Rose Quartz activates the Heart, healing wounds and encouraging trust.

The abundance of Love emanating from the crystal can penetrate to the cellular level, dispelling despair and infusing joy. This abundance of Divine Love allows it to activate all chakras, not just the heart. As such it is closely associated with the Indian tradition of  Bhakti (Devotional) Yoga and can be used with Moldavite to access greater levels of consciousness through the power of Love.

Harmonizes/Combines with Moldavite


Rose Quartz beads have been found dating back to 7000 BC in the region of the fertile cresent, where our civilisation began.  It was a much loved stone used by the Egyptians ,who believed it could prevent ageing. 

The Romans also cherished Rose Quartz and used it to make their personal seals.

In Medieval times it was included in many herbal preparations and in the indigenous cultures of the Americas the stone was known as the 'Love Stone'.


Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.

**The Tree of Life is a popular, universal and sacred symbol that represents multiple different meanings across many cultures, religions and mystical traditions. The symbol does not belong to one specific culture as it has been used all over the world for centuries.  

While it symbolises many different things, there are some common themes it represents such as:

  • Interconnectedness of everything
  • Immortality and Rebirth: The Tree of Life is a symbol for rebirth as trees lose their leaves and seem to be dead during winter, but then new buds appear and new, fresh leaves unfurl during the spring. It symbolises immortality because even as the tree grows old, it creates seeds that carry its essence so it lives on through new saplings.
  • The tree of life diagram is used as a ‘map’ to understand more about our origins, the unknown, infinite energy, limitless light and Divine emanations beyond our mental comprehension
  • Connection with Ancestry, Cosmic Origins, Family, and New Life
  • Growth, strength and peace.